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One-on-One Coaching

Utilizing a customized and focused approach, we work together with intentionality to excavate from the past, cultivate the present, and propel into the future by discerning key elements that create capacity in order for you to determine direction to fulfill your unique purpose, engage your God-given talents and gifts, and access your full potential while challenging you to break through barriers of limiting beliefs and scarcity mentality and giving you the courage to forge a path to take the action steps with confidence and hope.

Three-Hour Seminar

Seminars provide an engaging Intro to Your Design to better understand the process and identify your unique attributes through time-tested methods that position you to discover where your passions can be used with impact and to leverage your strengths and steward your DESIGN to direct your daily decisions, both personally and professionally.  Seminars build a foundation for you to actively observe and clarify where your strengths and passions intersect and how to be more intentional about creating your life to align with your values. 

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Six-Week Workshop

Workshops are fun and collaborative 2-hour sessions where small groups doing life together enjoy walking this path of discovery together, whereas in a team setting, we create a common vocabulary to provide team cohesion to integrate more effective utilization of each team member by understanding each person's strengths and passions as they share common concerns, goals, hopes, and dreams.  Workshops build on these DESIGN principles as it pertains to the team with the potential to create opportunities for solutions to emerge as each member has more insight into their own DESIGN as well as others.

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Your One Degree for Young Women (20s-30s) is essential as you transition from home, school, and/or college so that you can start strong and step into the next season of your life with more informed decision-making skills and greater confidence. EMBER provides you with clarity of who YOU are and creates a sacred space to own your uniqueness which is your SUPER POWER as you move into your next adventure with clarity, confidence, and competence.  Becoming the woman you were created to be allows you to live a life that has your signature on it and provides an authentic pathway to purpose that will empower you as you live out your life from this point forward because you will have a solid foundation of your strengths, gifts, talents, and passions that are part of your beautiful story!


Your One Degree for Solo Women provides additional insights for you as you discover God's unique DESIGN for your journey. You may be single and loving it or single and seeking marriage.  Maybe you're a single mom or suddenly single due to divorce or loss of a spouse.  And even happily married, but carrying a solo load in this season of marriage.  Through Your One Degree, you will gain a clearer understanding and deeper appreciation of your DESIGN so that you can live a more focused, fulfilling, balanced, and impacting life. In a world that tends to couple up, you will explore how you can better align your activities and passions with your values. God is not surprised that you are in this season and He has uniquely designed you to walk out His purposes in your life. As a single woman, your identity is not based on your singleness, but on who you were created to BE as you fulfill your calling by the works that you DO as you become the best version of YOU! 

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Your One Degree for Senior Women (60s-70s) provides additional insights for you as a woman who knows you still have a contribution to make and a desire to make a difference today and leave a legacy for the future. By taking the Your One Degree journey, you will create a plan by lovingly cherishing and remembering the beauty in your life as well as the challenging seasons that made you who you are and transforming those experiences into a plan to finish well in the years ahead. By diving into the process, you will have a template for writing your personal memoir and sharing the blessings of your life story with your children and grandchildren. If you think it might be "too late" to make a great impact in this season, I encourage you to explore what Your One Degree has to offer and I invite you to take the YOD journey!

Coming Soon

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Becoming a Triple Threat

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Learning Sacred Rhythms 

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Creating Margin and Resilience

Embrace Your Path to Purpose

BE who you were created to BE,

DO what you are called to DO, and become the very best version of YOU!

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