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might be for you if...

  • you don't have time or money to waste on the latest get-it-together fad and looking for a proven process that uniquely identifies your strengths, talents, and purpose

  • you are seeking meaningful life change in the midst of transitions, but unsure about the future, stuck in a holding pattern, overwhelmed with busyness or paralyzed by fear

  • you desire to discover your purpose and confidently walk with courage to move your story forward with clarity, focus, joy, impact, authenticity, and freedom  

  • you thought you knew all of the answers, but now you aren't quite sure what the right questions to ask yourself might be as you navigate this challenging season

  • you are smart, sassy, and successful, but life is hard and you desire a safe space with a guide who will allow you to think out loud as you gain confidence and competence

why I may be the coach for you...

   My calling is to walk with you to discover how uniquely you were created and equip you to leverage and steward your unique purpose and design

   My focus is to help you strengthen your resolve and hone your skills to work within your calling to accomplish the work you were created to fulfill

   My desire is to point you to truth, empower you to be brave, and equip you to be bold, so you can confidently pursue and live out your dreams

   My hope is that within this coaching experience you will embrace the multifaceted nature of who you are and reflect your inner beauty

   My goal is for you to realize that your past does not define you and that there is still ink in the pen to write yourself as the hero/heroine in your story 

​ I invite you to allow me the privilege to walk alongside and work with you if you believe.....

  • you were meant for something more, but need clarity and accountability to be focused and intentional as you develop strategies to pivot 

  • you desire to be aligned with God's will for your life, but need a gentle, yet firm ally who understands the present struggle

  • you want to live an authentic life with freedom, contentment, and joy in the everyday routine, but need a guide to help with vision

  • you are ready to move your story from just making a living to making a life and creating a more purposeful plan that leaves a legacy

  • you know there must be a better way and you are ready to find clarity, face fears, build strengths, remove limiting beliefs, embrace your beauty, and restore hope

refire coaching is NOT a cookie-cutter program.

It is NOT a plan to reinvent yourself. It is a call to rediscovery!  It is all about YOU!

It is my utmost hope that this coaching will serve as a starting point of inspiration if you think you are not enough, that your problems are too much, that it is too late to make an impact, or that you have lost your way, but too embarrassed to ask for direction to get on track.  If this resonates with YOU, this may be the "something more" you have been looking for that uniquely focuses on you becoming the best version of YOU!

  "You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."  ~ C.S. Lewis

Let’s Work Together

so you can start planning for your next adventure!

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